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Haleigh Cummings 

5 years old
DOB: 8/17/2003
Height: 3'0"
Weight: 39 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

Haleigh was last seen in the area of Hermit's Cove in Satsuma, FL.  If you have any information that can help bring Haleigh home please call Putnam County Sheriffs Office at 386-329-0808. Or 1-888-277-TIPS

 A Bank of America account has been set up to help the family of Haleigh Cummings and anyone wishing to make a  donations.
"Ronald has been out of work, keeping vigil, waiting for Haliegh to come home,"There's finances being incurred and the community wants to help."

You can drop off a donation at any Bank of America branch and online. The "Haleigh Cummings Family Releif Fund" 

Please write a prayer or a message to Haleigh in the guestbook or in the greetings section to let her know how loved and missed she is! Kind words to all of her family and friends would be greatly appreciated at this time as they wait for her safe return home!

Praying for Haleigh   / Teri Caskey (guest (none) )
I have been praying for Haleigh since the first day I heard the news. I have never gotten involved with any missing child case, but for some reason she touched my heart. I am continually praying for her and her family. God knows the plans that H...  Continue >>
mother of four   / Claudia Flores (none)
Im a 23 year old mom of 4.haleigh's bday is on my 5 year olds bday and she went missing on my 3 year olds bday(both girls)this story has touched me truly obsesed with this story waiting for the day the truth is out on this horible situation...  Continue >>
GODS ANGELS   / Joyce Davidson (none)
My heart just broke when i heard about it.Why on GODs earth would anyone hurt a baby!!!I pray GOD be with her and the family!!
Still Praying for Your Return   / Robert Emerson (None)
I have been so very sad from the moment Haleigh went missing.  I cannot believe it's been a year.  I will keep hoping and praying for the day I see her beautiful, smiling face on the television, safe and sound with her family.  Stay st...  Continue >>
Thoughts are Prayers   / Melissa Entzminger (follower of story )
Please God bring this beautiful little girl safely home to her family
Michelle-Child Therapist  / Michelle Fritz (none)    Read >>
Haleigh / Brenda (none)    Read >>
Hope she is Home soon!!!!!!!!  / Gayla Miller     Read >>
thinking of you  / Sue Barnes (someone whos praying for you )    Read >>
We love you  / Leasa Moore (none)    Read >>
a broken heart  / Kim Wattenbarger (none)    Read >>
Sorry Haleigh  / Sam Smith (Friend)    Read >>
precious / Liz Davis     Read >>
BEST WISHES  / Susan Perdue (N/A)    Read >>
a safe return  / Amy (n/a)    Read >>
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