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Marie Knight Posted a greeting on 10/26/2009: "I pray that God will bring you home."
Ola Price Posted a greeting on 10/24/2009: "May angels gather around you and bring you home safely. Praying for you and your family."
Stacy Harper Posted a greeting on 10/23/2009: "I just wanted to write and let you guys know that my family prays for all of you each day.We will cont. to pray."
Nancy Posted a greeting on 10/23/2009: "What a beautiful spirit Teresa Neves has. I admire her so much."
Marcelle Barth Posted a greeting on 10/16/2009: "My husband,an Iraq war Veteran,and I,pray for Haliegh,Ronald,her Grandmother,and her brother,every night.Alabama."
Betty Hall Posted a greeting on 10/09/2009: "i watch at every child praying ,hoping I could see you and have you home with your family."
Kayla Feltner Posted a greeting on 10/06/2009: "God WILL guide her home. Never give up and never surrender."
JULIE LORRAINE Iackson Posted a greeting on 10/04/2009: "i hope she is coming home."
Portia Posted a greeting on 09/27/2009: "I hold on to hope for sweet Haleigh's safe return. I was abducted as a child. I pray she is home safe soon."
Christina Rider Posted a greeting on 09/25/2009: "you are in my prayers haleigh stay strong little angel."
Ashley Butler Posted a greeting on 09/18/2009: "I've been watching this story on Nancy Grace every week. I pray God will bring Haleigh home safe. May God bless you."
Rhonda Belcourt Posted a greeting on 09/17/2009: "im very sorry you lost haleigh my heart goes out to you. could not imagine whats its like loseing a child but sympathize."
Debi Morin Posted a greeting on 09/16/2009: "we are keeping Haleih in our prayers/ alone with her family God bless you."
Lorraina B. Posted a greeting on 09/14/2009: "hello honey i you get found soon god loves i love ya i care for you i a motherof 2 kids."
Terry York Posted a greeting on 09/10/2009: "I find myself searching for you every day and every where I go. When I pray for you I know that God will bring you home."
Amanda Bartholomew Posted a greeting on 09/09/2009: "Please come home saftley we are praying for you safe return."
Mary Posted a greeting on 09/09/2009: "Please dear Lord let this beautiful little girl be returned safely to her family."
Wynne Heims Posted a greeting on 09/09/2009: "Our family will pray for Haleigh safe return. God is watching over her wherever she may be."
Lora Freeman Posted a greeting on 09/06/2009: "Please God, keep that baby safe and healthy. And bring her home safe and sound to her Daddy."
Kim Posted a greeting on 09/06/2009: "My prayers are with the parents of little haleigh. I will continue to pray for your safe return!."
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