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Lindsey Perkins Posted a greeting on 09/05/2009: "Come home soon baby girl! You are missed very much by everyone that cares."
Tara Holter Posted a greeting on 09/02/2009: "Haleigh i pray for you everday and waiting for you to go home to your mom and daddy. whoever has her bring her home."
Sharon Kovalcsik Posted a greeting on 08/28/2009: "God watch over her until she returns."
Samantha Hoit Posted a greeting on 08/28/2009: "God Willing You Come Home Safe To Your Family!."
Christy Johnson Posted a greeting on 08/21/2009: "Praying for Haleigh everyday for her to come home safe and back to her family where she belongs."
Foley Al. Courtney Felks Posted a greeting on 08/21/2009: "Praying for your return and to your momma."
April-Joy Colvin Posted a greeting on 08/19/2009: "dear Lord, please keep this little girl safe and put you hand on this family."
Jessika Tripp Posted a greeting on 08/18/2009: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEIGH!!! PLEASE COME HOME SAFE."
Kelly Posted a greeting on 08/17/2009: "Happy birthday Haleigh!! I hope you come home very soon. We all love you xoxo."
Courtney Felks Posted a greeting on 08/17/2009: "I have hope and faith u sre still comming home beautiful baby girl."
Jeanette Straley Posted a greeting on 08/15/2009: "I pray for you Haleigh to come home safe. Whoever took you I pray they are taking good care u & bring u home safe."
Casey Corrigan Posted a greeting on 07/20/2009: "Dear Haleigh, I am praying for you baby girl."
Tiffany Baker Posted a greeting on 07/13/2009: "Any Updates? I am sure that HOPE is still alive! Keep your heads up."
Emily Posted a greeting on 07/12/2009: "We're all looking for you. Wherever you are, know that the entire country wants to find you safe."
Colin Harrington Posted a greeting on 07/04/2009: "i pray for little haleigh. its sad that someone would try to take a beautiful little girl like her. good luck."
Teresa And Family Posted a greeting on 06/30/2009: "My heart bleeds for this family, being a mother of 3 girls, this would be a nightmare! My prayer are with you all!."
Jennifer Miller Posted a greeting on 06/24/2009: "I am a mother of a 3 year old little girl. I pray to god every night to keep her safe. I also pray for Haleigh."
JNGA Posted a greeting on 06/24/2009: "Haleigh, I'm praying that you are found safe and sound soon. Stay strong until then. May God bless you!."
Mary Ann Posted a greeting on 06/23/2009: "Haleigh: IF you can not be in the arms of your momma, Know God will hold you in his arms. He knows who, when and how."
Tiffany Elliott Posted a greeting on 06/22/2009: "I Pray little Haleigh it found soon , and returned un-harmed . May Heaven's Angels keep watch over her."
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